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GAI is committed to corporate responsibility.

At GAI Consultants, Inc., our engineers and technicians work hard to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to our clients’ energy, waste management, and emissions challenges. It only makes sense that we emphasize that same commitment to sustainable solutions within our own offices.

Our employee-led Corporate Responsibility Committee’s goal is two-fold: Achieve sustainable performance and achieve lasting prosperity for our stakeholders. This respect for the environment and our communities takes many forms, including participating in a company-wide recycling program, providing a bike rack to facilitate earth-friendly commute alternatives, practicing eco-purchasing with vendors, and actively volunteering in our hometowns.

Learn more about GAI's professional sustainability services—including our participation in the Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Program, our coverage of federal greenhouse gas policies, and Summerset at Frick Park—our revitalized brownfields project with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.


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