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For many projects, soil is a finite and critical resource. GAI’s geology and soil professionals move projects forward by evaluating and utilizing soil resources and subsurface conditions. Through comprehensive site explorations, we detect geologic and environmental hazards that could challenge site or project development.

GAI conducts geologic research and reconnaissance, as well as feasibility studies for clients’ contaminated soil problems. We develop remediation alternatives that address chemical, biological, hydrological, and regulatory concerns. To learn more, view our Geotechnical Feature Projects.

  • Geologic studies and reconnaissance
  • Site characterization
  • Undisturbed soil sampling
  • Soil borrow investigations
  • Soil bioremediation and landfarming
  • Soil improvement techniques
  • Coal combustion by-products (CCPs) utilization as a soil alternative
  • Revegetation and reclamation
  • Geoarchaeology

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