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Maintaining a financially sound utility is imperative for public health and safety, and is challenging in today’s economic environment. GAI’s utility rate and financial analyses services range from calculating and implementing cost-of-service based rates and charges that satisfy regulatory and bond covenant requirements, to preparing multi-year financial forecasts for budgeting and strategic planning.

Significant capital needs for capacity expansion projects or acquisition of other utility systems are often funded with revenue bonds, and the terms under which the bonds are issued are a function of market conditions as well as the financial feasibility of the project. GAI analyzes the financial impact and resulting feasibility of funding capital projects with debt, prepares reports and presentations, and assists clients in securing good credit ratings.

Utilities count on our services to help them achieve sufficient recovery of expenditure requirements, equity among ratepayers, and administrative efficiency, and estimate the financial impact of future capital improvement needs. To learn more, view our Utility Management Consulting Feature Projects.