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Bridge and Overpass Structures Print E-mail

For over 25 years, GAI's experienced, award-winning staff has designed, inspected, and rehabilitated all types of bridge and overpass structures. Our understanding of safety standards, construction processes, and material and workmanship practices results in long-term returns on infrastructure investments.

GAI’s certified bridge inspectors identify conditions that may impair safe operation or useful life expectancy of a bridge, and develop repair recommendations. Valuable in-house capabilities provide all support services for structure projects, such as hydraulic analyses, geotechnical engineering, and environmental and archaeological investigations. To learn more, view our Transportation Feature Projects.

  • Bridge replacement design
  • Bridge rehabilitation design
  • Design build
  • Certified bridge inspection
  • Member strengthening
  • Scour analysis and protection
  • Hydraulic analyses
  • Drainage design
  • Historic bridge restoration techniques
  • Culvert design
  • Earthquake and fatigue-prone detail retrofitting

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Senior Vice President

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