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GAI's water professionals ensure that ponds, wetlands, and water channels remain protected and operational as public and private clients advance their development projects. We address stormwater management issues with innovative solutions for re-directing natural water flows, minimizing flood concerns, and maintaining wetland areas.

We also help clients address changing federal criteria for stormwater discharges associated with facility or land development and new construction projects. Our experienced, multidisciplined teams help private and public clients develop drainage and run-off control systems that meet watershed compliance regulations.

GAI also develops plans and manuals, evaluates existing stormwater systems for improvements, and designs retrofits to modernize older systems. Our stormwater management professionals guide clients through the permitting process and identify the most cost-effective strategies for post-construction stormwater pollution prevention. To learn more, view our Water Feature Projects.

  • Stormwater permitting and management plans
  • Flood protection surveys
  • Flood control evaluation
  • Potential flood control measure identification
  • Flood damage surveys
  • Dredging and sediment removal design
  • Floodwall restoration design
  • Rip-rap restoration design
  • Channel improvements design
  • Levee design and construction monitoring
  • Non-structural improvement exploration

More Information?

Southeast: Jay Ameno, P.E.

Sr. Engineering Manager

T 561.988.2611

Northeast: Scott Quinlan, P.E.

Sr. Engineering Manager

T 412.476.2000

Midwest: Mark Jesse

Asst. Vice President

T 260.969.8800