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ign-Build Services

Technical Proposal Preparation Preliminary and Final Engineering
ƒƒ Collaboration with design-build team, owner, and ƒƒ Drafting of preliminary plans based on

other stakeholders conceptual designs
ƒƒ High technical scores due to strategic combination ƒƒ Finalized plans following designated

of innovative design approach, cost efficiency, design standards
and project goals ƒƒ Constructability reviews
ƒƒ Proven success, earning high technical scores ƒƒ Safe, efficient, and innovative traffic control plans
on all design-build delivery methods ƒƒ Construction sequencing optimization

Conceptual Design Permitting
ƒƒ Design development through collaboration with ƒƒ Agency permitting addressed during conceptual

all project stakeholders design review
ƒƒ Proactive evaluation of plans ƒƒ Thorough understanding of agency regulations and
ƒƒ Creative design concept modifications
ƒƒ Utilization of value engineering standards
ƒƒ Strategies to maintain good public relations ƒƒ Strong relationships with local, state, and federal

Construction Cost Estimating permitting agencies
ƒƒ Detailed construction cost estimates ƒƒ Permitting that begins immediately upon
ƒƒ Consideration of all required agency permits
ƒƒ Coordination with entire design-build team notice-to-proceed
ƒƒ Accurate construction pricing

Cover Photo: Avenues Walk Flyover Design-Build, FL | Fold/Left: I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, VA
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