Engineering Firms “Lean In” to Find Leader

Pittsburgh, PA – Engineering firms everywhere are starting to “Lean In”. This week, professional women are gathering in Boston for the Women in Design and Environmental Professions Conference, sponsored by Zweig White. Dr. Diane Beynon Landers, MBA, RPA, CPSM of GAI Consultants, Inc. (GAI) will be presenting, among other speakers, on “Powerful Communication for Women in the Executive Suite.”

“I am very interested and passionate about sharing my 25=+ year experience in the engineering industry with the female workforce,” said Dr. Landers.

Recognizing the need for experienced staff, many engineering firms, which have traditionally been male-dominated, are tapping into the 50% of their workforce who are female to find the leaders they need. Dr. Landers, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of engineering and environmental consulting firm GAI Consultants, Inc., is the firm’s first female Vice President and Board member in the company’s 55+ year history.

The conference will be held May 9-10 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge, MA and includes roundtable discussions, focus groups, networking sessions, and keynote presentations by industry leaders. For more information, visit the conference sponsor website at

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