Meet Our People: GAI Transportation Design Professional Christina Newcomb

Christina Newcomb, PE is one of hundreds of skilled GAI professionals who help clients create better communities, transportation infrastructure, energy generation and delivery, and more from our office locations throughout the United States. Today we’ll find out a little about what makes Christina tick—the background, motivation, and methods that she brings to the table every day for GAI and GAI’s clients.

Slide Name: Christina Newcomb
GAI Office Location: Tampa, FL
Hometown: Spokane, WA
Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University of South Florida Professional Licenses: Professional Engineer (PE) in FL Hobbies/Pastimes:Mountain biking, sewing, reading
On staff at GAI since 2019
Christina Newcomb

Q: Please tell us a little about how you arrived at your area of specialization.

Christina Newcomb: I have been a civil engineer for 22 years. For the last 9 years, I have been providing transportation engineering and design, mostly for local municipalities. Prior to my move into transportation, I worked as a consultant to the United States Army Corps of Engineers designing large-scale flood control systems. I found that as I moved into roadway design, I was able to apply the geometric and modeling skills I learned while designing levees and channels to roadway design. Since coming to GAI, I have continued to apply these engineering principles to new areas of engineering. I enjoy the science and data analysis aspect of engineering, and I find it interesting that once you start thinking like an engineer, you can broaden the type of projects you work on by drawing on the fundamental engineering principles you already know.

Q: What role do you play at GAI, and what sorts of projects do you typically contribute to?

Christina: I am a Senior Project Manager in the Tampa office, working on both community and transportation projects. I have spent the last year growing relationships with local clients, both private and public. Some of the highlights among the projects I’ve contributed to have been working on complete street and road diets that help meet public clients’ goals of Vision Zero engineering and providing infrastructure for affordable housing.

Q: What do you like most about your job, and why do you believe GAI is a good place to put your skills to work?

Christina: As an engineer, I have really enjoyed working with GAI’s Community Solutions Group (CSG).  Through working with CSG, I have had the opportunity to meet with residents during the planning process of community projects and spend time getting to know their goals. It is rare that an engineer gets the chance to spend time with the people who will ultimately benefit from their engineering work.

I want my clients to know that I am their engineer: that I am here to help them realize what they need, and to provide the solutions that best help them meet their project goals.

So far, GAI has given me the opportunity to work on many vastly different project types. This keeps me flexible and therefore I get to continue to grow and learn new things about engineering. After 22 years, I could be stuck doing the same thing every day—here at GAI, I get to apply the engineering principles that I know to new and stimulating areas. It is fun and engaging. I also like the fact that the people I work with are open to new ideas and willing to listen to other voices.

Q: What are you passionate about and how do you measure your success?

Christina: Doing a respectable job and doing what is right are key operating principles for me and something that I am very passionate about. I measure my success by maintaining a good relationship with the client. I want my clients to know that I am their engineer: that I am here to help them realize what they need, and to provide the solutions that best help them meet their project goals. Sometimes this means that I must let a client know when something they are considering may not be in their best interest—yet it’s paramount for clients to know that they can trust me, that I have their best long-term interests in mind, and that I will not lead them astray.

Contact Christina at 813.605.7078 and find out more about GAI’s transportation engineering and design servicesmessage GAI online and start the conversation about how our multidiscipline professionals can meet your unique project needs.

Christina NewcombChristina Newcomb, PE is a Project Manager and Engineer-of-Record specializing in the design of transportation facilities, pavement design of roadways, and traffic mitigation projects. Christina’s transportation projects range from large scale limited access facilities with complex maintenance of traffic (MOT) requirements to small local complete street and road diet programs. She is also quickly becoming a go-to engineer on historical brick pavement design.

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