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The Williams’ Howland Preserve Wetland Mitigation Project

Wes Wolf joins us as a guest blogger to discuss the Williams’ Howland Preserve Wetland Mitigation Project and how mutual partnerships led to a successful project.

GAI was proud to stand with our client Williams and the North Branch Land Trust and our teaming partner LandStudies as we celebrated the construction of two new forested wetland mitigation sites at the Howland Preserve on June 16. GAI worked with Williams on this five-acre site to mitigate wetland impacts from Williams’ other pipeline projects.

This particular partnership proved very successful for everyone involved. Williams is required to replace natural wetland sites when they are damaged as a result of pipeline development. The North Branch Land Trust owns or is aware of many locations that appear to be good candidate sites for developing new wetlands. Working together, Williams and the North Branch Land Trust can identify potential sites, and then reach out to teams such as GAI and LandStudies to provide the design, soil studies, and final plans.

With this team structure established, all parties benefit moving forward. NBLT Executive Director, Paul Lumia, stated at the event, “From the perspective of the conservation community there are many other local sites and properties that we want to protect. By communicating with Williams and other companies looking for mitigation sites, we can better ensure these properties get protected.”

GAI will continue to be involved in this project, monitoring the wetland for the next five years to track healthy growth and development, as well as other projects with Williams.

For more information on this project, contact Assistant Environmental Manager, Wes Wolf, at 610.640.7456.

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