John Saunders, PE

Director, Engineering/Transportation

With nearly 30 years of experience, John Saunders, PE has a proven track record of successfully managing and leading transportation teams and high-profile projects. He specializes in highway design project management for limited-access highway projects and all aspects of roadway plan development, including planning, design, project management, and post design services. John has been involved in the development and design of multi-lane mainline toll facilities ranging from high-speed express lanes to one-way ramp plazas to all-electronic toll collection facilities. He acted as project manager on many major projects, such as the I-10/I-95 Interchange Reconstruction in Jacksonville, Florida and express lanes and all-electronic toll conversion for the Veterans Expressway in Hillsborough County, Florida. Leading GAI’s new Tampa office, John focuses his client service efforts on the Florida Department of Transportation Districts 1 and 7 and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

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