Quality Management—Building on a Culture of Continuous Improvement

In today’s ever-changing professional services environment, continuous improvement in quality management is a top priority. GAI’s new Director of Quality, Bradley Cellier, PE  joins us as a guest blogger to share tips on re-energizing an established QA program.

For everyone involved in a project, quality assurance (QA) means constantly improving, in both the way business is done and the ultimate service provided to our clients. We all want to be more responsive and, at the same time, produce a superior product.

It’s all about balance. Companies need a Quality Management System (QMS) that will ensure a quality product is produced with zero mistakes. But they also need to be efficient, not bogged down with paperwork and procedures that hinder response time.

Questions to ask at your next Town Hall meeting:
Are we providing our employees with the resources and QMS training they need?
Can we automate to increase efficiency, maintain consistency, and avoid mistakes?
What is working and what isn’t?
What can we do better?

As GAI’s new Director of Quality, I am getting a good understanding of the firm’s current QMS by reviewing well-established processes and procedures. How am I reinvigorating this program? Having spent the last ten-plus years immersed in the nuclear industry and the associated nuclear safety culture, I am finding ways to introduce proven QA principles into GAI’s already robust QMS, when and where it makes sense.

I also initiated QMS “town hall” meetings in many offices to read the “pulse” of the company. The value derived is threefold—I can:

  1. Introduce myself to staff,
  2. Gain a venue to share my approach and vision for the QA Program, and
  3. Most importantly, solicit feedback from the firm’s talented staff.

In my experience, town hall meetings confirm that everyone, regardless of industry, is hungry for quality. Town hall discussions lend insights and ideas that center on one theme—continuously improving the QMS to meet the needs of clients and the company.

Remember, the quest for quality is a never-ending cycle! Stay tuned for more insights on successful QA programs.

Bradley Cellier, PE  is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Lead Auditor. Bradley specializes in QMS implementation and development, and comes to GAI with more than 25 years of experience in combined engineering and quality assurance responsibilities. He can be reached by phone at 724.772.2011.

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