A Tribute to Don Kennington (1938 – 2016)

A Tribute to Don Kennington (1938 – 2016)

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Donald E. Kennington, former GAI Vice President and Director of Construction Services. Don worked in GAI’s Orlando office from 1988 to 2006—developing close relationships with colleagues and clients alike—all while being a cornerstone of the firm’s developing Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) services in Central Florida. Prior to joining GAI, Don spent 30 years working for the Florida Department of Transportation. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Thoughts from Don’s GAI colleagues:

“Don was a special employee and a true friend who we will never forget. He was one of the great pioneers during the Florida transportation boom in the 1990’s. His personality was so magnetic, he could win over a room full of strangers very quickly. Don’s contribution to GAI far exceeded any amount of project wins he achieved—it was his never-ending dedication to growing GAI into the premier transportation firm it is today. While Don will be remembered by many for his larger-than-life smile, witty sense of humor, and love for his job and co-workers, those of us at GAI that were lucky enough to walk the halls with Don will forever be grateful for his positive impact on our lives and careers. Thank you Don, may you rest in peace!”
– Mary DeJidas & Gary DeJidas, PE, CEO

Don recruited me to GAI. He was the first GAI employee I ever met. He was remarkable. Never forgot a name or face. I have never seen anything like that. Everyone knew him. Sorry I didn’t get to tell him “thanks” for helping me discover my future!”
– Greg Nettuno, PE, Senior Vice President

“A living legend has left this earth.”
– John Wojtyna, PE, Senior Engineering Manager

“Don holds a special place to Lynette and me. We are very sorry to hear of his loss.”
– Ron Hoogland, PE, Director of Engineering

“Don was one of GAI’s all-time best ambassadors. His energy, charm and positive outlook was infectious. Don played a large part in forming the outstanding reputation that GAI enjoys at the Florida Department of Transportation.”
– Larry Gendzier, Esq., Corporate Legal Counsel and Assistant Vice President

“I worked with Don on the first CEI project GAI did in Florida. It was a true pleasure to have known and worked with Don. Don was always cheerful, willing to help you out, and was very good at what he did. We need more like him.”
– Robert Bee, PE, Senior Engineering Manager

“Don was a larger-than-life character who had a genuine way of making you feel valued. He was a true relationship builder which showed in every aspect of his life—even in his greetings of “hello Partner” or a personalized nickname he created for you. His charisma was boundless.”
– Grace Harrison, PLA, Landscape Architecture Manager

“Don will always be remembered as the original leader of the Florida CEI group, which grew and prospered under his leadership. Don was a good friend and fellow officer. Don will be missed but never forgotten.”
– Rusty Sievers, PE, Senior Engineering Manager