Abstract | One of the major compliance hurdles introduced by the recently-finalized Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs) is the establishment of a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) configuration for existing bottom ash systems. Bottom ash management systems vary widely from station to station, but they generally include some or all of the following eight components: source water supply; ash sluice pumps; boiler hopper; clinker grinder; hydrobins/dewatering bins; ash filter ponds; surge/equalization tanks; and recirculation pumps. This white paper, authored by David Weakley II, PE, Assistant Engineering Manager at GAI Consultants, outlines nine steps to serve as a starting point for stations gearing up for ELG compliance. The steps include creating and verifying the station water balance; isolating the ash sluice system; determining a make-up water source to the bottom ash system; completing a hydraulic analysis; eliminating uncontrolled influent flows into the closed loop system; understanding chemistry issues of a closed-loop system; identifying opportunities for ELG compliant blowdown of the bottom ash system; removing fines; and implementing operator and control changes.

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