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Streamlining Solutions

Design-build takes a more practical approach to projects, relying on a single
team to efficiently move projects from concept to completion. Knowledge
sharing between engineering and contractor team members, as well as early
and continuous coordination throughout all phases of the project, provides
clients with innovative design solutions that result in significant cost savings
and efficient, accelerated project schedules.

GAI partners with reputable construction firms to “value engineer” clients’
projects. When design, engineering, construction, and permitting activities
are integrated under one team, project timelines are decreased significantly.
Built over several decades, GAI’s trusted relationships and familiarity with
agencies streamline approvals, reduce risk, and lower costs.

From complex infrastructure improvements to local roadway upgrades,
our teams use innovative scheduling and strategic planning to develop
preliminary and final designs that meet project goals. Backed by more than
55 years in business, GAI is a design-build partner dedicated to building
superior projects.
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