Safety is the foundation of our success and a core corporate value. It is GAI’s intention to provide and maintain the safest possible working conditions for our employees.

GAI complies with all applicable Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations in addition to our own company requirements. It is our goal to establish a workplace free of preventable accidents.

Our safety commitment is supported by the following beliefs:

  • Safety is a top priority, therefore safe work practices will not be compromised.
  • We believe that accidents can be prevented and an annual goal of zero accidents is achievable.
  • GAI will develop, implement, and continuously improve our Health and Safety Program to enhance effectiveness and performance results. Our ultimate goal is to be an industry leader among engineering consulting firms.
  • GAI will provide resources and safety training to meet regulatory and program requirements.
  • GAI employees will be informed and aware of the impact that health and safety has on operational performance and corporate culture.
  • GAI employees are responsible and accountable to perform work tasks in a safe manner, complying with safety rules and regulations.
  • GAI employees will be accountable to their fellow employees in a joint and cooperative effort to minimize the opportunities for injury or illness.

GAI works in cooperation with our clients, sub consultants, and subcontractor partners to ensure the principles of this policy and the GAI Health and Safety Program are appropriately integrated into commercial agreements and project work plans.