Mechanical / Electrical / Structural

Mechanical / Electrical / Structural Overview

GAI’s seasoned mechanical and electrical engineers are skilled in a broad range of disciplines that benefit the energy, industrial, healthcare, and educational markets. With a firm commitment to safety, we help clients improve and maintain the complex facilities they own and operate, from power stations to chemical and food processing plants to medical and university campuses. Our professionals are also committed to clean energy technologies that cut carbon footprint and reduce landfill overflows.

GAI’s coordinated efforts combine mechanical engineering with electrical, structural, geotechnical, and environmental capabilities. With this multi-disciplined approach, we provide comprehensive solutions with sensitivity to both time and cost. With safety a top priority, we provide system safety training, educate clients’ staff on system implementation and maintenance procedures, and develop emergency response plans.

The scope of professional services that are provided by or offered out of each GAI office including, but not limited to, engineering and surveying services, is governed by the professional and business licensing requirements of each individual State or jurisdiction in which the GAI office is located and whether GAI has the requisite professional and business licenses for that State or jurisdiction. Nothing on GAI’s Web Site or marketing materials is intended to be interpreted or construed as offering to perform professional licensed services where prohibited unless the licensing requirements have been met.  Engineering services are not offered out of GAI’s Northern Kentucky (Florence) office location.
Engineering services provided in NC, NY, and MI are performed by GAI Consultants-NC, Inc.; GAI Engineering & Surveying Consultants of New York, P.C.;
and GAI Consultants of Michigan, PLC, respectively.

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