GAI Internship / Co-Op Program

GAI Internship / Co-Op Program

GAI’s Internship/Co-Op Program is designed to help potential job candidates learn about life at GAI and help us assess candidates’ abilities and fit within the company. Interns and Co-Ops work on a broad range of projects, interact with all sectors within the company. Interns and Co-Ops routinely accompany our supervisors to projects, to work in the field, and to client meetings.

In addition to gaining experience during the program, Interns and Co-Ops have a number of opportunities to meet the people who make GAI so successful. Summer events, such as a picnic, ice cream social, dinner parties, and more, provide the Interns and Co-Ops with the chance to meet GAI’s leaders in a casual atmosphere. By the end of the Internship/Co-Op Program candidates will have had the opportunity to develop a strong familiarity for GAI, its people, and the local community.

All students may apply for Internship or Co-Op positions. GAI conducts interviews year-round, attends several college career fairs in the fall and spring, and hosts career open houses on-site at GAI offices.


GAI Internship/Co-Op Program FAQ

  • How many Interns and Co-Ops does GAI expect to hire?
    The number of Internships or Co-Ops at GAI hires each summer varies. Generally, six to eight students are hired to work companywide.
  •  What is the salary for Internships and Co-Ops?
    GAI offers Interns and Co-Ops a salary that ranks very competitively within today’s employment market.

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