Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Overview

GAI’s environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, soil scientists, biologists, ecologists, planners, GIS specialists, and industrial hygienists design and permit sites for industrial and power facilities, landfills, and impoundments, and clear the way for transportation and land development projects. Our solutions comply with government regulations and satisfy community concerns. Industrial and energy clients come to GAI for failure investigations, outage planning and assistance, operations and maintenance support, and landfill operation monitoring. We are a recognized industry leader in the control of fires in abandoned underground mines, and our state-of-practice reports and design manuals on waste byproducts minimize industrial waste disposal costs.

GAI’s multidisciplinary expertise is the foundation for addressing complex environmental permitting, planning, and design challenges. Environmental contamination is a critical, costly issue. GAI helps private and public sector clients turn potential liabilities into valuable assets. Federal laws require industrial and commercial clients to adopt rigorous strategies for following air, water, labor, and noise guidelines for environmental and occupational safety. GAI helps simplify the issues.

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