Land Development

Land Development Overview

GAI resolves land development issues, rebuilds neighborhoods, and creates sustainable communities. Our award-winning portfolio includes shopping centers, large multi-use complexes, residential housing communities, healthcare and educational campuses, and industrial sites. Whether the project is a subdivision developed with a focus on tight cost control, a retail facility scheduled to open in time for the holiday season, or an office complex built around an environmentally sensitive area, our skilled professionals meet development goals and expectations.

GAI’s long-standing reputation for helping local government and private developers meet the growing demands of their communities can be attributed to our dedication, attention to detail, commitment to quality, responsiveness, and excellent communication. And, since protecting our natural and cultural resources is foremost, our multi-disciplined teams of planners, engineers, and environmental specialists provide a focal point for guiding solutions in mitigation development, rehabilitation, remediation, and sustainability.

The scope of professional services that are provided by or offered out of each GAI office including, but not limited to, engineering and surveying services, is governed by the professional and business licensing requirements of each individual State or jurisdiction in which the GAI office is located and whether GAI has the requisite professional and business licenses for that State or jurisdiction. Nothing on GAI’s Web Site or marketing materials is intended to be interpreted or construed as offering to perform professional licensed services where prohibited unless the licensing requirements have been met. Engineering services are not offered out of GAI’s Northern Kentucky (Florence) office location.
Engineering services provided in NC, NY, and MI are performed by GAI Consultants-NC, Inc.; GAI Engineering & Surveying Consultants of New York, P.C.;
and GAI Consultants of Michigan, PLC, respectively.

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