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  • Workplace Safety Developments on the Horizon

    Safety on the job is a key concern at GAI, and the primary responsibility of our guest blogger Pamela Walaski, CSP, CHMM, GAI Health & Safety Director. Ever alert for new developments, Pam shares some upcoming issues associated with workplace...

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  • Pumpkin Carving 101: A Project Management Lesson

    When the water-cooler talk at GAI Consultants turned to Halloween preparations, the get-it-done instincts of GAI Director of Project Management Dan DePra, PE, BCEE came to the fore. Sure, we’re only talking about carving some jack-o-lanterns for...

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  • Proper Water Treatment Fuels Dependable Power Generation

    A demineralized water treatment system removes impurities from feedwater entering a power station’s boiler, heading off scaling, corrosion, and other issues that can harm equipment and interrupt power delivery. Guest blogger GAI Assistant...

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  • GIS Technology: Powering Parks and Recreation Planning

    Parks planning is benefiting from GIS, a technology designed to collect, integrate, and analyze diverse data and generate information-rich, computer-based maps of a given project area. GAI Senior Project Planner Patrick Panza, AICP, and Senior...

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    Our people make it work

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    • Stephen Gould, MS, MBA

      Senior Vice President

      Stephen Gould, MS, MBA is a Senior Vice President, Senior Director of GAI’s Energy Business Unit, and serves on GAI’s Board of Directors. He joined GAI in 1992 and introduced GAI’s environmental services area to specialized...

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    • Anthony Morrocco, PE, PLS, MBA


      President Anthony Morrocco, PE, PLS, MBA joined GAI in 1989 as a Project Manager. Tony established GAI’s Land Development and Survey groups and directed their development for several years, winning significant projects that changed...

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    • Donald Spaeder, PE

      Vice President

      Donald Spaeder, PE specializes in civil/environmental engineering, siting and permitting projects for major energy, industry, and other private and public sector projects. He has been with GAI Consultants for more than 36 years, and manages Civil...

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    • George Reese, CE

      Senior Environmental Manager

      George Reese, CE specializes in environmental impact analysis and National Environmental Policy Act documentation, permitting, siting studies, and vertebrate ecology. His ecological specializations are in the areas of population, community, and...

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    • Benjamin Allis, PE

      Transportation Structures Market Sector Manager

      Benjamin Allis, PE specializes in the design, analysis, construction engineering, and project management of structural transportation projects for both new and rehabilitation structures. Ben has provided services for an array of transportation...

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    • Gary Brendel, PE

      Senior Director, Engineering

      Gary Brendel, PE is a Senior Director of Engineering for GAI’s Power Generation Market Sector. Gary has 38 years’ experience with GAI and specializes in the planning, scheduling, cost control, and coordination of multi-disciplinary design and...

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    • Steven Miller, PE

      Assistant Vice President

      Steven Miller, PE specializes in analysis and design for transmission and distribution lines and substations as well as the investigation and rehabilitation of existing steel and concrete structures. He directs the power delivery and structures...

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    • Kevin Leadbetter, PE

      Vice President

      Kevin Leadbetter, PE specializes in management and construction engineering for heavy highway projects. He is a Senior Project Engineer and senior adviser for large transportation projects with 19 years of project management/construction...

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    • Jeffrey Hill

      Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

      Jeff Hill is Vice President and GAI’s Chief Administrative Officer, responsible for providing cohesive executive and strategic leadership to GAI’s Corporate Service Departments and Office Leaders. He has more than 30 years of professional...

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    • James Gordon, PE

      Senior Director, Engineering

      James Gordon, PE specializes in transportation projects of all varieties, performing oversight, management, reporting, and coordination. Jim has over 30 years of extensive experience managing bridge, highway, and rail projects for several...

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    • Gary DeJidas, PE, MBA

      Chairman & CEO

      Chairman and CEO Gary DeJidas, PE, MBA began his career with GAI as a civil engineer in the Pittsburgh office in 1972. In 1982, Gary opened GAI’s first branch office in Orlando, Florida. With Gary as President, the subsidiary, GAI Southeast,...

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    • William McGrew, PE

      Senior Director, Airports

      William McGrew, PE specializes in civil engineering for airport facilities. Throughout his 26 years of project management and project principal experience on aviation projects, he has coordinated and participated with a wide variety of clients and...

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    • Gregory Nettuno, PE, MBA

      Senior Vice President

      Senior Vice President Gregory Nettuno, PE, MBA is GAI’s Infrastructure Business Unit Director and serves on the Board of Directors. Greg joined GAI in 1998. Bringing a strong background in construction engineering and a keen understanding of...

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    • David Bevilacqua

      Senior Director, Industry and Nuclear

      David Bevilacqua specializes in engineering, program and project management, operations management, and power plant and power systems operations and management. As the former Director of Installation and Modification Services Operations at...

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