Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Reclamation

Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Reclamation Overview

GAI’s engineers, scientists, and planners are well versed in designing Abandoned Mine Land (AML) reclamation and Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) treatment solutions. With a deep understanding of the complex impacts that mine drainage and abandoned mines can leave on the environment, GAI’s geotechnical engineers are ready to address landslide, impoundment stability, mine subsidence, highwall hazards and other Priority 1 and 2 AML problems. Our environmental and water resource professionals have the expertise required to study and recommend soil amendments to restore vegetative growth in former mining areas—assessing watersheds, designing active and passive treatment facilities, and restoring streams impacted by AMD. These specialists also solve water supply and quality issues, design new water supply lines, and/or replace old waterlines impacted by mining activities.

GAI’s multidisciplinary staff develops unique solutions for site-specific characteristics tailored to our clients in industrial, government, collegiate/education, and nonprofit organizations. We offer services from siting and concept phase through construction, implementation, and operation.

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