Ben Resnick, MA, RPA

Assistant Vice President, Energy

Ben Resnick, MA, RPA specializes in historical archaeology and Geographic Information System archaeological predictive modeling. He is currently involved in developing opportunities and managing environmental permitting projects focusing on the energy, transportation, and government market sectors. Areas of specialization include management of open-end agreements focusing on staffing, schedules, quality and cost controls, technical report preparation, and State Historic Preservation Office and Native American consultation. Ben has more than 30 years’ experience conducting and managing all aspects of Section 106 projects [National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA)] and has authored more than 150 technical reports and publications. This includes the completion of National Environmental Policy Act, NHPA, Section 4(f), and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission compliance documents, feasibility studies, Phase I, II, and III archaeological investigations, criteria of effect evaluations, programmatic and memorandum of agreements, integrated cultural resources management plans, and historic preservation plans. Many of these studies were conducted as part of cultural resources or environmental indefinite quantity contracts/master service agreements for energy companies, state departments of transportation, and federal agencies.