Bethany Gregory

Senior Environmental Specialist

Bethany specializes in biology, wildlife ecology, and environmental studies. Since joining GAI in 2014, she has spent several thousand hours performing bat-related surveys, including mist netting, radio telemetry, emergence counts, portal searches, harp trapping of caves and mines, and habitat assessments. Bethany has also assisted the study of winter roost ecology of the Rafinesque’s big-eared bat and southeastern myotis in Arkansas. In addition to her work with native bats, Bethany has participated in long-term research projects on red-backed salamanders in Virginia and jaguars in Belize, performed marine turtle and primate research in West Africa, and assisted teaching ecology, biology, and handling techniques of neotropical bats in Costa Rica. In addition to wildlife biology and ecology work, Bethany has experience performing wetland delineations, and she has assisted the Virginia Department of Forestry with forestry research for multiple years.