Robert R. Brinker, PE

Mechanical Technical Leader

Mr. Brinker specializes in design, estimating, scheduling, and oversight for all phases of new and retrofit construction projects. With comprehensive knowledge of the power generation industry and equipment and an awareness of laws governing environmental compliance, he has in-depth knowledge of project design, materials, equipment and construction. He is attentive to safety and safe work practices, and familiar with financial / economic analyses.

Mr. Brinker is a seasoned, results oriented Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in project management, design engineering, operations management and construction for the energy, utility, power generation and chemical industries, with advanced expertise in industrial piping and conversion of fossil fuels into electricity. He uses his trouble-shooting and analytical skills to assess problems and provide expert on-site solutions.

Mr. Brinker has successfully managed multiple projects covering the following disciplines: project tracking and reporting, divestures and acquisitions, power generation processes, risk mitigation and management, quality assurance and quality control, and economic evaluations.