Stephen Gould, MS, MBA

President of Power & Energy / Chief Administrative Officer

Executive Vice President Stephen Gould, MS, MBA is GAI’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and serves on GAI’s Board of Directors. Stephen became COO in 2019, a role in which he oversees the company’s integrated technical staff of more than 800 professionals.

Over the course of a nearly 30-year tenure, Stephen’s supportive leadership approach and his commitment to serve GAI’s long-term clients and nurture new client relationships have worked to help GAI grow its business and expand its service offerings. As leader of GAI’s Employee Engagement Task Force, Stephen champions a range of internal initiatives that help promote staff cohesion and collaboration, encourage and develop top talent, and cultivate a beneficial GAI corporate culture.

Stephen joined GAI in 1992 as part of the geology and groundwater services group. In the mid-1990s, Stephen helped to introduce Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as a GAI core service to support analysis, environmental, and engineering-related projects. Stephen became GAI’s Energy Business Unit Director in 2013, a role in which he served until starting his position as COO.