Flagler Airport Infrastructure Project Seeds Sustainability

A recent runway relocation and extension at Florida’s Flagler Executive Airport is a prime example of smart airport infrastructure investment.

Airport Improvement MagazineRecently detailed in Airport Improvement magazine, the project to move Flagler’s runway 11-29 and extend its length to 5,500 feet is one facet in a strategy that can help facilities meet today’s airport infrastructure funding challenges.

The initiative was envisioned to help Flagler Executive become more self-sustaining with improved possibilities to thrive and grow. GAI’s Aviation infrastructure professionals helped design the runway relocation and extension and provided on-site management throughout the airport infrastructure project.

While Flagler’s runway revamp addressed a safety issue by separating two intersecting runway ‘thresholds,’ the extension of 11-29 from 4,999 feet to 5,500 increases the weight of the jets it can accommodate, and the relocation freed up developable land within the current airport property limits. The additional weight allowance enables planes to take on more fuel at Flagler—offering the facility a valuable revenue-generation opportunity.

Smart airport infrastructure investment like Flagler’s runway expansion creates an environment for sustainability and growth.

Flagler Executive Airport sustains itself through land rent, hangar rental, and fuel sales—and a larger, brand-new runway is a feature that can attract new facility users and tenants. This holds the promise of higher revenues from actual tenant hangar rental fees and fuel sales—revenue that can be reinvested into facility maintenance, paying airport staff, and helping fund Flagler’s future projects. Further projects that Flagler hopes to start as soon as possible include building more hangar space to accommodate more tenants, illustrating how smart airport infrastructure investment creates an environment for sustainability and growth.

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