Making Safety a Habit: NAOSH Week 2018

Comprehensive safety is a result of developing good habits and programs—in this video for NAOSH Week 2018, GAI staff and leaders share their views on how safety vigilance takes the forefront in our company.

The North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH) week theme for 2018 is ‘Making Safety a Habit.’ At GAI, adopting safety best practices—and faithfully applying these measures until they become second nature—is one way we develop the workplace safety habits that benefit of our employees, partners, and clients.

GAI’s commitment to continuous workplace safety improvement begins with our leadership and is instilled in each GAI employee. Hear these company representatives offer their perspectives about how good safety habits come into play in the GAI workplace every day.

GAI programs build and advance good workplace safety habits

Safety is one of GAI’s core values, and we are always seeking ways to optimize our workplace safety performance through ongoing education, support, and programs. In just the past year, GAI has developed a robust driver safety initiative, launched a professional medical consultation service to offer employees real-time guidance for treatment of minor worksite injuries and illnesses, and increased worksite visits by GAI Health & Safety staff to help reinforce safety best practices.

Bill GourdieAs Health & Safety Director, Bill Gourdie is responsible for spearheading initiatives that help GAI comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations; client requirements; and corporate policies and procedures in order to maintain the safest possible working conditions for all employees. He supports and advances GAI’s commitment to safety by coordinating the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of the company’s Safety & Health Program to enhance its effectiveness and improve performance results. Bill may be reached by phone at 412.399.5219.

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