Andre Sutherland, PE

Business Sector Leader, FL CEI Services

Andre has extensive construction and management experience in the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) field. He has participated in a broad range of field operations and situations over the course of his career, working on several major expressway and urban development projects in a range of capacities and increasing levels of responsibility.

Andre worked as an FDOT Project Manager in District Two for seven years, where he was responsible for construction contracts compliance, public information concerns, and material specifications compliance on numerous projects. Since joining GAI he has served as Senior Project Engineer on multiple resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation (RRR); roadway widening; and bridge construction projects that involved extensive Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) utility relocations, including JEA water and wastewater construction projects. He continues to grow GAI’s CEI market reach by expanding the company’s client base to additional FDOT offices, private clients, local municipalities, and counties across north and central Florida.