Michael Owens, GISP

Assistant GIS Technical Leader

Michael Owens, GISP is GAI’s Practice Area Leader for GIS in the Northeast region. As a GIS Project Manager, Mark plays a significant role in projects that require advanced GIS technical skills. Mike is responsible for maintaining and improving GIS quality standards, optimizing GIS software/hardware deployments, advancing GIS use with internal and external clients, and attending local and regional GIS seminars and conferences to help ensure that GAI is servicing our clients using the latest applicable technology and best practices.

Michael is an experienced field data collector and manager using Trimble GPS hardware and Pathfinder Office software, and is responsible for developing project data standards, compiling data and maps, performing environmental impact analyses, and quality assurance. He leads the development of web-based GIS services, applications, and databases for GAI, specializing in GIS design and maintenance using Esri ArcGIS for Desktop and Server, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise.