The Jharia mine fire control technical assistance project: an analysis

Abstract | The Jharia Mine Fires are located in the Jharia Coalfield in the state of Jarkhand (formerly Bihai), India. These fires have been thoroughly investigated by teams of consultants from the United States and Canada, representing the best expertise and technology available anywhere. The recommendations resulting from the investigation have largely gone unheeded. Recognition of the magnitude of the problem with all its manifestations placed a daunting burden on both the Indian government and coal industry resulting in a policy to do little or nothing. Alternative mitigation efforts outside the scope of the project have been identified that could ameliorate the effects of the fires and benefit the region, its inhabitants and the mining industry. Innovative methods of funding are required to implement projects that result in a broader based distribution of benefits. If nothing is done, then further disruptions, disasters, loss of resources and human suffering will continue. © 02004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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