Transportation Triumph for Fort Wayne’s Dupont Road

A comprehensive overhaul benefiting motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists earns kudos from Fort Wayne, Indiana’s mayor recognizing superior work by GAI contributors around the company.

Quicker and safer travel came to a growing section of Fort Wayne, Indiana as the Dupont Road reconstruction project opened to the public on September 4. Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry stood shoulder-to-shoulder with representatives of GAI Consultants—the $12.1M initiative’s designer and project manager—for a ribbon-cutting ceremony that ushered in a new era of improved mobility by car, bike, and foot along the busy route.

DuPont Rd

“It was vital for us to relieve congestion in an area that saw 7,500 vehicles per day in 1990 grow to more than 25,000 vehicles today,” said Mayor Henry. “Through the work of GAI and our other construction partners, we’ve added extra lanes of travel in each direction, additional turn lanes, and traffic signals to better serve the more than 3,000 residents who connect to Dupont Road between Lima and Coldwater Roads.”

Thoughtful Design Benefits Range of Dupont Road Users

 “The project encompassed a little under two miles of roadway that linked two major arteries,” said GAI Transportation Technical Leader Michael Siffer, PE, PTOE. The Dupont Road project area is lined with residential subdivisions, businesses, a multi-county hiking trail, and the popular Salomon Farm park.

“Dupont Road along this stretch was increasingly busy with vehicles, and challenging to pedestrians and cyclists especially considering the many amenities within the project area,” said Siffer. “We widened Dupont Road to two lanes in each direction, and added improved facilities for pedestrians and bicycles. To meet the city’s desire to calm vehicular traffic in this shared environment, our design slimmed vehicle lane width to 11 feet—this configuration supports smooth vehicle movement while helping enhance safety for all different types of users.”

Better Access to Recreational Amenities

 A standout facet of the project is a pedestrian/bicycle underpass that offers users continuous access to the popular Pufferbelly Trail. The trail was previously interrupted by the Dupont Road vehicle lanes without a nearby safe crossing opportunity. The structure’s walls feature a landscaped, stepped design that adds an attractive visual element at the project area’s center point.

DuPont Rd

“Through creative design work, we now have a trail and sidewalks that connect neighborhoods and businesses,” said Mayor Henry. “I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the public regarding the underpass trail access and the exercise, recreation, and connectivity opportunities now provided.”

“GAI stepped up and exceeded expectations on the Dupont Road project; we’re a better community today as a result.”

Tom Henry, Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Improved Stormwater Management

 “I’m also proud of the practical underground enhancements we were able to make,” said Mayor Henry. “Those include larger water mains to meet demand and growth, improved drainage with landscaping and rocks, and more and larger stormwater drains.” Fort Wayne’s specifications for the Dupont Road project included requirements that the first 1-inch of stormwater runoff undergo filtration before entering the City’s stormwater network.

“We created a design that would effectively treat stormwater runoff without adding unattractive treatment basins alongside the roadway,” said Siffer. “Our final design channels stormwater into a series of expanded green infrastructure bioswales for filtration of dirt and sediment, then discharges the treated water into an existing drainage ditch and a pond in Salomon Farm Park that is part of the Fort Wayne stormwater network.”

Multidiscipline Team Yields Superior Results

 GAI’s contributions to the Dupont Road project included permitting, noise studies, utility coordination, landscape architecture, traffic maintenance, design for stormwater management, and overall project management.

“This project drew upon the expertise of GAI specialists from around the company; our pool of skilled contributors is a real plus for our clients,” said Siffer. “And for me personally as a Fort Wayne resident, it’s a real point of pride that a lot of this work was done by local GAI contributors—it’s a great feeling to do something that really benefits your own home town.”

Mayor Henry shared Siffer’s pride in Fort Wayne and the positive outcome of the Dupont Road project: “There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement at the ribbon-cutting ceremony as we celebrated together as a community to show what can be done when people work as one toward a common goal,” he said. “Responsiveness and accountability are two key factors when hiring firms to perform important work for the City of Fort Wayne. GAI stepped up and exceeded expectations on the Dupont Road project; we’re a better community today as a result.”

Contact Michael Siffer, PE, PTOE, 260.969.8870, for more information about GAI’s comprehensive transportation infrastructure services. 

Mike SifferMichael Siffer, PE, PTOE specializes in overseeing and coordinating design of highway and traffic engineering projects. His skills in roadway and traffic design include all aspects of horizontal and vertical design, roadside safety criteria, and traffic analysis of intersections, corridors, and work zones. Michael has a thorough understanding of highway and traffic design requirements, and continually updates his knowledge through his contacts with regulatory agencies and associations.

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