Engineers Week Activities to Spark Inventiveness

February 17—23 is National Engineers Week (EWeek)—the 2019 Engineers Week theme is “Engineers: Invent Amazing.” Things as awesome as space travel and as common as clean running water have an important thing in common: the inventiveness of an engineer bought them to life.

To celebrate the EWeek theme, the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) has assembled a collection of hands-on EWeek activities designed to spark kids’ curiosity and creativity, and inspire the inventiveness of young potential engineers.

There are hands-on activities for all ages in engineering disciplines including environmental, civil, electrical, industrial, and more. Let us see how inventive the kids in your life are—take a photo or video of your project, and share it with us by tagging @gaiconsultants on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are some of our favorite Engineers Week activities to try out with the future engineer in your life:

pinwheelDesign a Better Pinwheel

Discipline: Environmental
Topic: Forces, Energy
Time: 60 minutes or less

paperStrong Paper Structure

Discipline: Civil
Topic: Structures
Time: 60 minutes or less

sortingBuild a Sorting Machine

Discipline: Industrial & Manufacturing
Topic: Forces, Structures
Time: 60 minutes or less

lightbulbMake a Lightbulb

Discipline: Electrical
Topic: Electricity
Time: 30 minutes or less

For more information on “Engineers: Invent Amazing” and Eweek, visit the DiscoverE website

Programs planned in association with Engineers Week include Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (Feb. 21), the 2019 Global Marathon (five live online broadcasts, March 6 through April 3), Global Day of the Engineer (April 3), and more.

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