Get to Know GAI: 5 Questions for Transportation Engineer Richard Krajcovic Jr.

In our ‘Get to Know GAI’ series, you’ll hear a range of GAI professionals offer their takes on the current state of the AEC industry, and their inside views of some of the innovative projects that GAI is bringing to life around the United States. GAI’s experienced professionals remain at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions to a range of transportation, industrial, municipal, energy, and development clients.

Today, Engineering Director with GAI’s Northeast Transportation Business Sector Richard Krajcovic Jr., PE, PTOE, MBA discusses some of his impressions of how GAI has adapted to the unprecedented health concerns and other factors affecting today’s world, and how he’s continuing to lead his field in providing the advanced engineering services that GAI’s clients demand.

Q: Please tell us who you are and describe your area of expertise and what you do at GAI.

Richard Krajcovic: My name is Richard A. Krajcovic Jr., PE, PTOE, MBA. Serving as Engineering Director, I manage the Pennsylvania Transportation Design group. Our group delivers award-winning projects to both public and private clients, and local, state, and federal agencies. My background is primarily in traffic engineering, where I specialize in the analysis, design, and management of transportation engineering and planning projects. My Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) certification means that I’m qualified with requisite knowledge, skill, and ability in the specialized area of traffic operations.

Q: How has the pandemic evolved the way GAI and your group operate?

Richard: A good example of the pandemic-related adjustments we made would be the way we approached a new work order for a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning project this past May.

We had originally hoped to conduct a series of in-person meetings to engage stakeholders and the general public in order to collect input on our conceptual design options and site opportunities for the project. Adjusting in response to necessary COVID-19 safety concerns, our team coordinated with the local borough to instead use Zoom to conduct these meetings. The meetings were supplemented with a website, which presented project-related materials and offered visitors the opportunity to submit feedback. Both rounds of engagement were well attended, and responses were positive and had helped guide our approach to the site.

Overall, our group was already quite used to working with each other remotely, as we were spread across a few offices. Therefore, our day-to-day operations continued pretty much as always.

Q: What are you working on right now that you’re excited about?

Richard: I am fortunate to be working with one of GAI’s remarkable engineers Todd Wilson on the mobility aspect of an Institutional Master Plan (IMP) for a major local university. Together, with a talented team of master planners and university staff, we are developing a 10-year plan for sustainable campus growth, which promotes collaboration at all levels to uphold the values of this world-class institution.

In following the guidelines set forth by the local agency, our team will develop IMP documents to provide a level of understanding to the public and the community about the potential growth of the institution and the resultant impacts. Other than meeting the general qualifications for this project, our team was selected because we “work well with others.” This is a testament to the quality of GAI’s staff and is a key characteristic that sets us apart from other firms.

Q: Did you take up any new hobbies or make lifestyle changes during the pandemic?

Richard: While I didn’t take up any new hobbies during the pandemic, the time spent quarantining at home gave me the opportunity to spend more time enjoying my current hobbies.

Living within a short walk of the 21-mile, Butler-Freeport rail-trail, I spent a few days a week cycling, running, and enjoying the scenery and changing seasons. Being confined to home also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and kids.

I admit it could be hectic trying to juggle work, remote learning for my oldest daughter, and childcare for my youngest daughter, but we have all learned to work together and develop new routines to make the best of the situation. Looking back, the extra time spent with my kids over the last several months is something I really am grateful for—and I think that watching me work at home has given the kids a better understanding and appreciation for the work that GAI does.

It is our job to be innovative and resourceful, and our collective skills will power our success in the post-COVID-19 environment.

Q: What do you foresee for the AEC industry in 2021?

Richard: I believe the AEC industry is resilient and will bounce back quickly from any negative effects of the pandemic. I do believe that a good deal of our work going forward will continue to be done remotely for a time. Our services and those of the AEC industry in general are critical to maintaining and growing the nation’s infrastructure, and that alone gives me the confidence that there is plenty of progress ahead. It is our job to be innovative and resourceful, and our collective skills will power our success in the post-COVID-19 environment.

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Richard Krajcovic Jr., PE, PTOE, MBA specializes in the analysis, design, and management of transportation engineering and planning projects. His certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) demonstrates his requisite knowledge, skill, and ability in the specialized application of traffic operations engineering.

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