Working Through COVID-19 Q&A with Florida Transportation Leader Stephen Boylan, PE

In our ‘Working Through COVID-19’ series, you’ll hear a range of GAI professionals offer their takes on the current state of the AEC industry, and their inside views of some of the innovative projects that GAI is bringing to life around the United States. Throughout the current challenges, GAI’s experienced professionals remain at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions to a range of transportation, industrial, municipal, energy, and development clients.

Steve BoylanToday, GAI’s Florida Transportation Business Sector Leader and design-build authority Steve Boylan, PE* discusses some of his impressions of how GAI has adapted to the unprecedented health concerns and other factors affecting today’s world, and how he’s continuing to lead his field in providing the advanced engineering services that GAI’s clients demand.

Q: Please tell us who you are and describe your area of expertise and what you do at GAI.

Steve Boylan: My name is Steve Boylan, I’m a Vice President here at GAI, and I run our Transportation Design practice for the State of Florida. Over my 27 years of experience, I’ve worked on Florida transportation projects ranging from small, impactive operational improvements up to highly complex reconstruction of systems interchanges and new limited access facilities.

Q: Have any of your projects been affected by the pandemic? How have you adjusted?

Steve: The largest impacts haven’t been to our projects directly, but more so in how we manage and complete assignments. Some benefits have actually been seen on our design-build projects, where construction has been accelerated due to fewer lane closure restrictions (since there has been a significant drop in traffic).

Q: How has the pandemic changed the way GAI and your group operate?

Steve: We’ve been able to move forward seamlessly despite the impacts of COVID-19.  Like most of the world, we have successfully transitioned to virtual meetings and met the challenges of working remotely through GAI’s robust technology. We’ve been able to remobilize many people back into our offices and field sites in recent months, enacting a company-wide response plan that protects our employees and clients, and that complies with CDC recommendations.

Q: What are you working on right now that you’re excited about?

Steve: We have several new and exciting Florida transportation projects we’ve just begun work on throughout the central, northeast, and northwest parts of the state that will have a positive impact across their respective regions. While we enjoy all of the work we do, it’s especially rewarding to kick off new assignments so we can assess “big picture” issues and develop/coordinate detailed solutions that really make a difference.

Q: Have you taken up any new hobbies during the pandemic?

Steve: I’ve gotten to enjoy more time with my wife and three daughters at home, and I’ve more or less assimilated their hobbies! We’ve enjoyed cooking together, playing games, and watching old movies that we haven’t seen in years.

I’m hopeful that our government will recognize the positive impacts that infrastructure investments provide, including creating jobs, keeping money within the community, and providing a durable product that meets both short- and long-term needs.

Q: Do you have any predictions on how the AEC industry area will move forward?

Steve: I’m hopeful that our government will recognize the positive impacts that infrastructure investments provide, including creating jobs, keeping money within the community, and providing a durable product that meets both short- and long-term needs. Our roadway and bridge infrastructure is aging, and expanding roadways/enhancing mobility throughout Florida is needed. We at GAI and our partners throughout the AEC industry want to be a part of that solution.

Q: What’s the latest on the I-4/I-95/US 92 Interchange Design-Build?

Steve: We’re pleased to report that this Florida transportation project was completed in August and is now fully open to traffic. This $206M systems interchange and roadway widening job has already shown its success through improved safety and operations. GAI and our construction partner Archer Western are extremely proud of the innovative project we were able to deliver for residents and visitors within central Florida and the Daytona Beach area.

For more information about GAI’s Transportation services, projects, and trends, contact VP and Florida Transportation Business Sector Leader Steve Boylan, PE, 321.354.5661, or SVP and Transportation Business Unit Director Kevin Leadbetter, PE, 904.559.8087. Message GAI online and start the conversation about how our multidiscipline professionals can meet your unique project needs.

Steve BoylanStephen Boylan, PE has extensive experience in design and project management, specializing in the design of major limited access and arterial roadway reconstruction, roadway rehabilitation, and elements of traffic design.

* Stephen Boylan is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Florida.

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