Lessons Learned in Design-Build Industry

The design-build (DB) project delivery method is stronger than it’s ever been, and the potential offered in this expanding industry continues to evolve as states solidify their programs. Through solid teaming partnerships, GAI has successfully delivered DB solutions to a number of clients across the United States, including the Florida Department of Transportation, The Florida Turnpike Enterprise, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This experience has taught us not only how to get these types of projects done, but how to get them done right.

Some things we have learned along the way about DB project delivery?

  • Pick the right contracting partner and the right job for that partner.
  • Establish mutual trust with the DB partner—this is key!
  • Identify and thoroughly quantify the risk to both the designer and contractor during the pre-proposal and pre-bid phase.
  • Ensure the project manager is well-versed in the DB project delivery culture and push that culture through all team members.
  • Embrace creativity and innovation, but balance them with practical design solutions.

For those looking for more information on what’s happening in the DB industry, the Design-Build in Transportation Conference, taking place March 9 – 11 in San Antonio, TX is a great place to start. This annual conference provides an opportunity for about 900 decision-makers and industry professionals to network and learn more about DB procurement, trends, best practices, innovation, right-of-way acquisition, case studies, and more. Also be sure to check out our recent article, Design-Build Gains Momentum, where we touch on the increasing tendency towards DB project delivery, as well as its benefits.

GAI will continue to report on changes and developments in the DB industry. For more information on our DB project delivery services, visit us online or contact Greg Nettuno, PE at 904.363.1110.

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