Winter Haven One Water Master Plan

Winter Haven One Water Master Plan Overview

Winter Haven, FL

One Water Winter Haven is a transformative, comprehensive plan that addresses the fundamental relationship between the built environment and the stewardship of water resources in Winter Haven, Florida. This plan demonstrates a paradigm shift in how water is managed: from water as waste to water as resource. Every drop matters for the health of the regional economy, communities, and environment. The Winter Haven One Water Plan is an initiative that crosses all aspects of natural resources, infrastructure, land development, conservation, health, recreation, and quality of life to ensure a sustainable future for the “Chain of Lakes City.”

GAI Consultants and its Community Solutions Group (CSG) are supporting a diverse team led by Black & Veatch (Water Engineers), dedicated City staff, and committed community advocates. GAI/CSG’s role within the larger effort is to articulate the land development goals and strategies for “one water” in the existing built environment and the natural environment. Most significantly, the plan works to meet the needs of projected future growth—both in the form of urban redevelopment and in greenfield communities.

This also includes a paradigm shift of ‘grey infrastructure’ to new forms of ‘green infrastructure’ in that will allow for stormwater water capture, re-use, water quality enhancement and aquifer recharge. This approach embraces, values and enhances all aspects of the water cycle. A key implementation feature of the plan is the envisioned Sapphire Necklace: a connected system of greenways and blueways that will provide both water resource enhancement and connected parks and trails that will enhance the quality of life for all residents of Winter Haven.

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