Some Say Life Begins at 65 – Planning for Our Aging Population (Part I)

According to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, the more than 44.7 million Americans in the 65 years or older age bracket is expected to double, and the 85 years or older age range will potentially triple within the next 50 years. This growing impact is already evident across our society.

Pete Sechler, PLA, AICP, Senior Director with GAI’s Community Solutions Group, was interviewed about his experience as a community planner and planning for this aging trend. In the video segments highlighted below (recorded when Pete was with AECOM), Pete discusses how planning can impact aging populations and why it’s important for developing communities to remain sensitive to the needs of older generations.

  1. In this video excerpt, Pete defines “community planning” and what it can mean to an aging population. Watch video.
  2. The Villages in Florida is a good example of a planned community for an aging population. What are its merits? Check out this video segment to hear why these communities are essential as the population of seniors continues to grow. Watch video.
  3. When planning for an aging community, it is imperative that social interaction is part of the whole picture. Pete discusses the importance of flexibility during the planning process. Watch video.
  4. What are senior living trends for the future? This segment, featuring Melina Duggal, Senior Principal with real estate advisors RCLCO, discusses the types of communities that those over age 55 prefer. Watch video.



Pete Sechler, PLA, AICP specializes in urban design, campus planning, and landscape design projects in the Eastern United States for public, private, and institutional clients. Pete can be reached at 407.423.8398.

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