St. Cloud Introduces Envision St. Cloud Project to City Residents, Businesses and Community Leaders

Positively Osceola – When the City of St. Cloud  invited city residents, businesses and community leader to a “vision discussion” about what St. Cloud should look like in 25 years, it did as renowned writer and leadership mentor John C. Maxwell would suggest. They did did so understanding the “law of the buy in.” The City presented the Envision St. Cloud project May 3 to a large crowd at the Marina Building in the Banquet Hall. This was the first step in the Discovery Phase of the Growth Management Services (GMS) project that focuses on what St. Cloud will look like in the next 25 years with the community’s input.

“The public kickoff event was a great success,” said GMS Administrator Veronica Miller. “Almost 200 people attended to learn about the project and offer their input. The GAI Consultants, Inc., team offered a great presentation and they are working with the municipality, residents and business owners in balancing our desires with the challenges that come with growth and change.”

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