The Steady Pace of Growth

President’s Message Q2 2014 – From Where I sit

As the second quarter of 2014 has come to a close, industry experts are in agreement that the market is finally in a recovery mode, even though a modest one.

In their ENR Top 500 Design Firms (July 2014), ENR states that “some executives believe a slow recovery may be a good thing, as it avoids the risk of another sudden downturn.” Although GAI’s second quarter is strong and our Q3 market projections are healthy, I believe a slow recovery gives firms like GAI time to reflect, catch their breath, and take stock of opportunities that bring long-term value to the firm.

Therefore, GAI continues our steady focus on modest growth and strategic investment. We ended 2013 as a $100 million plus firm with about 900 employees and are currently ranked 117 of the ENR Top 500 Design Firms. 2014 has extended that success as we continue to open offices convenient to our clients’ operations and build on expertise with key hires to meet our clients’ demands.

Interestingly, not only do we see growth in the power industry and transportation but also in commercial investment for local communities. That is why we recently announced the unveiling of our new “Urban Design Studio” in Central Florida. The studio builds on the reputation of local strategic thinkers, financial analysts, and community planners. It is supported by our engineers and landscape architects to provide a complete “solutions–based” approach to community development. We believe in the slow but steady rebound of the central Florida economy and are making investments there on behalf of our long-standing community clients. We know our clients share this optimism as well.

Planning for growth during the recent ups and downs of our economy is very difficult. It requires setting strategies for where you believe your business will be most successful in 1, 3, and 5 years down the road. While it is hard to project without a crystal ball, company leaders must be able to set their vision, take calculated risks and be prepared to “go” with their decisions.

As President and CEO, I have come to respect the value of the slow but steady pace of growth. I look forward to sharing more ideas and continued good news about GAI’s growth as we expand our services and expertise to benefit both our clients and employees.

Gary DeJidas, PE
President and CEO

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