Diverging Diamond Interchanges: Moving Right Along!

U.S. drivers: get ready to drive on the left side of the road—innovative diverging diamond interchanges are appearing in more and more roadway designs across the country.

Featuring a design that boosts safety while speeding traffic flow, the diverging diamond interchange was first used in Europe during the 1970s. The design has been spreading stateside since 2009, and the Engineering News-Record (ENR) recently reported that the diverging diamond interchange will soon make its debut in Washington State.

Diverging diamond interchanges have fewer conflict points, shorter pedestrian crossings, and their traffic patterns convert turns into ‘free-flow’ maneuvers that keep traffic moving. GAI got into the diverging diamond interchange flow in 2016 when we worked to incorporate this design into a wide-ranging project to improve highway I-4 in Orange County, Florida for client Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

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Diverging Diamond Interchanges Flow


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