GAI Consultants’ Fishers Office Showcases Work of Artist James Anderson

Indianapolis, IN—As part of its ongoing Local Seen™ program, GAI Consultants, Inc. (GAI) is currently showcasing the work of James Anderson of Art from the Spirit Photography at the firm’s Fishers office. After a successful 40-year career in the Information Technology field, Mr. Anderson is focusing his artistic talents on nature photography, building a business that features an extensive collection of images.

Featuring an ever-changing exhibition of original artworks, the Local Seen™ program partners with local arts organizations and art/design schools to support local professional and student artists by incorporating the community’s creativity into GAI’s work space. All featured artworks are available for purchase with proceeds going directly to the creators.

With assistance from the Fishers Arts Council, Mr. Anderson is the second artist to be featured in GAI’s Fishers location. Previously, the office showcased a set of original paintings provided by local artist and teacher, Shelley Feeney.

Artist Biography

Art from the Spirit Photography

“God shows me daily the beauty of His creation.  He leads me to capture fleeting moments of His creation while they exist for His pleasure.  I just had to slow down and open my eyes.”

I was born in Columbus, Indiana and lived there until my dad died and mom remarried.  After we moved to Indianapolis, I spent my junior and senior years at Southport HS, graduating in 1969.  My artistic training was in school with Mr. Byers at Columbus, Mr. Gale at Southport, and Ball State.  I love the beauty of various art forms and God is the Master Artist.  I was fortunate that He blessed me with many talents.  I was also fortunate to receive a prestigious Gold Key award from LS Ayres for one of my art projects in school.  However, I heard the siren call of another talent God provided.  After visiting my mom’s workplace at Arvin Industries in Columbus, Indiana at age 15, I was drawn into the world of Information Technology.  I worked for nearly 40 years in Information Technology, 35 at Herff Jones, Inc.  The Lord blessed me as a business analyst and pioneer for HJ to write, test, and implement over 100 programs, manage 16 IT operations across the nation, and support over 180 sales offices in my IT career.  In the process, He allowed me to take Herff Jones from typewriters, accounting ledger books, overhead projector presentations, and snail mail to their electronic counterparts and to build Herff Jones’ first nationwide private computer network and email system.  However, He kept calling me back to the beauty of His creation.  After retirement from HJ in December 2012, He called me to take time to see the beauty He creates daily.  He restored to me an artistic eye.  He showed me His unique creations and I’m fortunate for the experience.  I hope you enjoy His works that He has allowed me to capture with a camera. | | 317-727-1599

Media Contact

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PR & Social Media Manager, Communications

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Senior Director, Communications

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