GAI Success-Sharing Programs Benefit our Employee Owners

GAI Chairman and CEO Gary M. DeJidas, PE, MBA discusses GAI’s success-sharing programs.

As you no doubt know, the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently passed by Congress offers a wide range of federal tax reductions. While many U.S. workers will enjoy more take-home pay in 2018 as part of the Act, one of the most substantial tax reductions will benefit U.S. corporations.

GAI Is Boosting Our Maximum 401(k) Matching Contribution

For corporations like GAI, federal taxes in 2018 will go from 35 percent to 21 percent while state and local corporate tax rates remain unchanged. This represents in the area of a 30-percent tax reduction overall on net income. GAI will pass along this savings to our employees in the form of a 33-percent increase to our maximum matching contribution toward their 401(k) retirement savings accounts.

Starting immediately, our maximum yearly contribution toward employees’ 401(k) accounts will increase from $1,500 to $2,000. We hope that our increased contribution will help each of our employees reach their retirement savings goals.

We want our employees to benefit from our company’s growth and financial success as part of their long-term retirement planning.

Investments like the 401(k) match benefit GAI’s most important strength—our employees—and reflect the immediate impact and economic benefit of the tax reforms.

GAI shares our financial success with our staff through the following long-term retirement vehicles:

  • 401(k) Plan Match
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Direct Stock Ownership (DSO)

We want our employees to benefit from our company’s growth and financial success as part of their long-term retirement planning.

The success-sharing plans we describe above are just some of the ways GAI makes good on our commitment to fully support our staff. We know that our success as a company is the direct result of a combined effort by our talented employees, and GAI is always looking for new and better ways to reward their contributions.

GAI is the company for people who want to take part in stimulating, meaningful projects alongside accomplished colleagues and technical experts. We offer the opportunity for talented people to make their mark and achieve unlimited professional growth. We also want our employees to enjoy long, fruitful careers with us, and we reward their contributions by sharing the success they help GAI achieve.

Explore your career opportunities at GAI. We are always seeking talented and motivated engineers, planners, environmental specialists, and business support staff to join our team. GAI has locations throughout the United States, and we are continually expanding into new regions to better serve our clients’ needs. Put your skills and expertise to work on challenging initiatives alongside accomplished colleagues, and distinguish yourself in a company poised for unlimited growth.

GAI Chairman and CEO Gary M. DeJidas, PE, MBA began his career with GAI as a civil engineer in the Pittsburgh office in 1972. Gary was elected Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors and President/CEO of GAI in 2003; Gary transitioned to CEO and Chairman in 2017 as part of the company’s succession planning process.


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