GAI Surveyors Sound Off for National Surveyors Week

GAI surveyors share views about their proud profession during the National Society of Professional Surveyors’ yearly observance that seeks to attract the newest generation to join this vital and time-honored vocation.

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At GAI, surveying of one type or another is a core service that we provide for projects that range from energy facility siting, to land development, to transportation engineering and construction, to parks and public space design, and beyond. Services include mapping, boundary line determination, construction surveying and stakeout, as-built surveys, and much more.

For those who seek a secure and stimulating career, few options can rival surveying when it comes to variety of assignments and breadth of applications. Working as a surveyor lets you continue in the footsteps of great figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Banneker, and Abraham Lincoln to make vital, enduring contributions to important initiatives that benefit our larger communities."
" Anthony Morrocco, PE, PLS (PA), MBA
Surveying is a profession that has a true sense of history. The practice predates the ancient Egyptians, and in my personal experience I’ve often referred to work performed by surveyors more than 100 years ago on a given project site. Continuing in that tradition, my work will also go on record to help guide future surveyors.

Surveying work offers a great blend of office and outdoor tasks that makes the job constantly engaging and interesting. The discipline can take you anywhere across the world and can be applied to anything from urban high-rises to forest trails. And as gratifying as it is to know that your survey skills contributed to the building of a significant structure, it’s also a great feeling of accomplishment to have helped blaze a trail where nobody has set foot before."
" Joseph Lek, PSM, PLS
Survey Manager, GAI-Jacksonville, FL
An uncle gave me my first surveying work—at the time, I thought of surveying as just a ‘job’ rather than a full-on area of specialization. I soon discovered that my natural spatial and practical reasoning skills were valuable surveying tools, and these skills have given me opportunity to be productive in many different project situations. Over the course of my surveying career, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and apply my understanding of construction practices, public utilities, forestry, biology, and much more—and what started out as simply a way to earn money has proven to be a stimulating and satisfying career that has taken me from mines in West Virginia to the streets of New York City to the California desert and beyond." " Dave Baker, PLS
Assistant Survey Manager, GAI-Southpointe, PA
Over my surveying career so far, my skills have taken me to 21 different states and the Middle East. Each day I survey, I get to act like a private detective retracing previous surveyors’ footsteps and attempting to figure out what their mindset was when their surveying was performed and entered into record. It presents a different, fascinating puzzle for me to solve each and every day, and it keeps me coming back for more.

It has been an honor to be able to learn a profession that has been performed by many brilliant, accomplished people dating back thousands of years. And while surveying has ancient roots, it has remained at the forefront of existing technology, and today I get to use some of the most precise and accurate measuring instruments available in my everyday work."
" Sean Uber
Survey Manager, GAI-Jacksonville, FL

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