CEO Gary DeJidas Talks Smart Business Strategies

A November 27 article in Smart Business Dealmakers featured GAI Chairman and CEO Gary DeJidas, PE, MBA discussing the benefits of his company’s conservative growth strategy and ESOP employee-ownership program.

Smart BusinessFrom Smart Business Dealmakers article “Gary DeJidas On Staying Conservative In Today’s Market And An Inside Look At An ESOP”:

Over the past seven years, GAI Consultants Inc. has made three acquisitions, totaling about $5 million in revenue. That’s not a lot for a company that has grown from $90 million in revenue to $160 million over that same time frame.

“The problem we have today with acquisitions is that the market is accelerating, so everybody’s asking top dollar for acquisitions,” says Chairman and CEO Gary DeJidas. “And a lot of them that we’ve looked at, in our minds anyhow, they’re overpriced.”

Instead, the engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm has utilized what it calls strategic hires and strategic startups.

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Gary DeJidasGAI Chairman and CEO Gary M. DeJidas, PE, MBA began his career with GAI as a civil engineer in the Pittsburgh office in 1972. Gary was elected Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors and President/CEO of GAI in 2003; Gary transitioned to CEO and Chairman in 2017 as part of the company’s succession planning process.

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