Partnering to Meet Commitments — I-95 Design-Build Project

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Five is widening Interstate 95 (I-95) in Volusia County, FL to six lanes.

GAI Consultants (GAI) is serving as the prime engineer for the I-95 Widening and I-4/US 92 Systems Interchange Reconstruction Design-Build project, working side-by-side with Archer Western Contractors to develop design plans and manage changes during construction. This $205 million design-build project widens I-95 for more than 12 miles and completely reconstructs the systems interchanges at I-4 and US 92 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I-95 Design-Build—Progressing Well with Key Milestones Achieved

i-95_keymilestonesOne important aspect of the I-95 Design-Build project was to meet serious commitments made between FDOT and the community at-large. The Daytona International Speedway (located approximately one mile from the project on US 92) invested $400 million in re-imagining their facility, which was opened in time for the 2016 Daytona 500, held in February. As part of GAI’s contract, 10 miles of widening and various interchange improvements had to be completed in time for this event—occurring a mere 14 months after GAI’s notice-to-proceed. GAI worked closely with our contracting partners, FDOT, and the community to develop an approach that met all commitments, completing design and construction of these elements within the allotted time and resulting in a true “win-win” for everyone.

I-95 Design-Build—Major Technical Challenges Encountered to Meet Goals

Aside from the tight schedule, design and construction were complicated because the I-4/US-92/I-95 systems interchange lies directly in front of the main runway for the Daytona Beach International Airport. Construction activities in this section were highly constrained by flight operations and allowable crane heights and times of operation. GAI and the contracting team partnered with the Airport to obtain an agreement that allowed for 24/7 pile driving operations over a condensed 40-day period. This timeframe occurred during the summer, when air traffic from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (which houses a major commercial flight school) was at its lowest and runway operations could be managed through notices to airmen and tower communication. The work was completed within this period and included demolishing an existing bridge and installing more than 100 piles.

I-95 Design-Build—Other Interesting Items to Note

The I-95 Design-Build project includes installation of an aesthetic feature to welcome visitors to Daytona Beach. There were many opinions of what this feature should be, with ideas ranging from a “wave sculpture” to a marquis sign. FDOT and the project team worked with local government officials to collaborate with a locally formed committee to vet alternatives and reconcile them against roadside safety, Federal Highway Administration approvals, and available funding. The end result was an iconic design that ties into other elements around the City. This feature will be in place within the next 18 months.

For questions or additional information about the I-95 Design-Build project, contact Project Manager and Assistant Vice President, Director of Transportation Engineering Steve Boylan, PE at 407.423.8398. Visit us online to learn more about GAI’s design-build services.

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