City Refuse Design Project

City Refuse Design Project Overview

West Virginia

GAI provided engineering services to our client for the City Refuse Design Project, located in West Virginia. The goal of the project was to provide regrading and soil covering of the refuse pile,  constructing access roads, providing streambank stabilization, sealing the mine portals, providing proper drainage control measures, and revegetating the areas.

GAI’s scope of work included design for construction of mine portal seals, bat gates, regrading and soil covering refuse areas, subsurface drainage collection, providing proper drainage control measures, providing streambank stabilization, installation of temporary shoring and bracing to protect workers, erosion and sedimentation control, removal and disposal of mining-related debris, installation of mine drainage structures, regrading and revegetating disturbed areas, installation of mine seals, permitting, construct and maintain temporary access roads, traffic control, and quality assurance/quality control. GAI furnished all supervision, labor, plants, power, equipment, and performed all operations in connection with this project.

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