Gainesville South Main Street

Gainesville South Main Street Overview

Gainesville, FL

GAI Consultants’ Community Solutions Group led the design of this street transformation project on South Main Street in Gainesville. This ¾-mile industrial corridor southeast of Gainesville’s historic downtown area has been experiencing new and emergent reinvestment, thus driving the need for re envisioning the street design to include a more multimodal and sustainable focus. South Main is also the location of the new Depot Park, two regional bike trails, and the newly expanded Cade Museum. As South Main presently carries a relatively low traffic volume, our solution right-sizes the roadway capacity to maintain service access for legacy industrial and regional bus transit, while creating multi-modal opportunities for emergent investment activities. The redesign of the street reduced auto lanes, while incorporating a new roundabout, on-street parking, bicycle facilities, diverse tree canopy, and Low Impact Design—creating a much more livable street for Gainesville and the emerging district known as South Main.

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