Pennsylvania Generating Station

Pennsylvania Generating Station Overview


GAI has provided consulting services to this western Pennsylvania generating station for more than 40 years. We have worked with station management to track and adapt to the evolving regulatory environment, including the implementation of state regulations in the 1990s as well as the more recent federal regulations. Our services span a broad scope, from conceptual level designs and planning to permitting and preparation of final design packages for construction, as well as construction monitoring services and post-construction certifications. Our designs for CCR management include the permanent disposal of material within the multi-stage solid waste management facility, as well as temporary storage of material within wet impoundments. We have served as the prime consultant for solid waste management at the station since the 1980’s and have been responsible for all major design and permitting of the facility since that time. We have also monitored groundwater and surface water quality in accordance with state and federal requirements. Some recent notable projects include the design and permitting for a landfill capping system, the design and permitting for the reconstruction of four CCR ponds to meet current regulations, and the development of a site-specific groundwater transport model to evaluate the adequacy of existing CCR facility liners with respect to the federal requirements.

PA Generating Station

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