Taylor Memorial Park

Taylor Memorial Park Overview

Jefferson County, PA

The Brockway Recreational Revitalization Group (BRRG) selected GAI to advance its program for the revitalization of recreational facilities within Taylor Memorial Park and areas along Little Toby Creek in Brockway, Pennsylvania. The BRRG had completed a master plan to transform the existing park; proposed improvements include enhanced greenspace, playground areas, baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, dek hockey, amphitheater, plaza space, lighting/safety improvements, and various other infrastructure upgrades. The project is being undertaken in multiple phases; however, BRRG completed the long-range plan for the park’s revitalization, with significant input that captured the needs of the Brockway community.

For preliminary efforts, GAI established survey, base mapping, and permitting requirements for the program, and assisted BRRG with stakeholder and regulatory engagement. This effort resulted in the need for GAI to refine the BRRG’s master plan.

GAI incorporated green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) elements into the design to manage water quality and volume, which was noted as an important overall piece BRRG’s revitalization plan. The GSI elements include the addition of deciduous and evergreen trees, incorporation of underground infiltration trenches, and establishment of bioretention areas. Management of peak rates is demonstrated through a no-harm/direct discharge analysis of the storm sewer outlet from the site to the existing waterway.

GAI completed the design phase of the project, and Phase 3 of construction is currently nearing completion. The rehabilitation of Taylor Memorial Park is a great example of GAI’s ability to assist clients/communities with maximizing desired improvements while being conscious of the environment.

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