Unnamed Tributary of Isaacs Creek Stream Restoration Project

Unnamed Tributary of Isaacs Creek Stream Restoration Project Overview

West Virginia

Mitigation at this site was required due to sedimentation in the stream bed which reduced channel capacity and caused flooding of the property. Channel migration and bank erosion led to undercutting and instability along the adjacent county road. GAI assisted in the assessment of resources impacted and designed on site mitigation to offset the impacts. GAI’s on-site solution was to restore the stream alignment to a stable condition, considering the constrained environment. Design was conducted in conjunction with hydraulic modeling to create a multi-stage channel with floodplain connectivity and terracing for flood control. The road was stabilized, and in-stream structures were designed to redirect erosive flows.

GAI was involved in baseline condition assessments, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, stream design utilizing Natural Channel Design approaches, and federal, state, and local permitting.

During construction, GAI was on-site conducting construction monitoring and completed an as-built survey after construction completion. GAI will conduct annual monitoring and prepare monitoring reports for the next five years, documenting conditions and performance standard compliance.

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